Transforming Healthcare

With Blue Distinction Total Care, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans are at the forefront of the shift toward higher-quality, more affordable healthcare for our members. Blue KC’s Medical Home program is utilizing new data channels that create a more holistic view of each patient’s health.

Nationally, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans are leaders in healthcare delivery and financing. Blue Plans, which cover more than 104 million members, focus on increasing the value delivered to members. They do this by translating unequaled provider relationships and strong understanding of local markets into solutions that drive better care. And now, Blue Distinction Total Care delivers that value and promotes patient-centric care on the local level. By rewarding providers for care that works, this innovative new model helps employers foster healthier employees while controlling rising healthcare costs. Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans engage nearly 118,000 providers (59,000 primary care providers and 59,000 specialty care providers) in Total Care programs nationwide to further improve the quality and value of member healthcare.

Since the program’s launch in 2015, nearly 13 million members from various plans have gained access to Total Care providers, and this number is growing. On a local level, Blue KC contributes to the Total Care initiative with the Blue KC Medical Home program that rewards providers based on specific quality and cost measures. Through this program, we’re working with primary care physicians in more innovative and collaborative ways to create healthier, more engaged patients. Our goal is to create an engaged, healthy patient population and higher-quality, lower-cost care that focuses on prevention, wellness, disease management and coordinated care.

Currently, the Blue KC Medical Home landscape consists of more than 600 physicians practicing in more than 130 locations in our service area. These physicians are managing approximately 168,000 members with impressive results and measurable improvements in the health of our members.


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