Three Healthy Recipes for Springtime

Spring is a time for renewal, and your health is no exception. Chef Kyle Williams, head chef of our Live Blue Kitchen and Café, sat down with The Blueprint to discuss healthy eating habits that can be practiced year-round.

“Nutrition heals our bodies on the inside,” Chef Kyle said. “It’s sort of like a special insurance plan for our health so that we can prevent certain issues from happening down the road. Getting the right macro- and micronutrients is an important part of that plan.”

Macronutrients include ‘big’ nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Micronutrients are those we need in smaller amounts, such as vitamins and minerals.

Chef Kyle says that the key to adopting healthy nutrition habits is to start off by making small changes daily and to be consistent with your progress.

“For example, swapping out eggs for egg whites, switching your hash browns with fresh vegetables and drinking green tea instead of coffee at breakfast can go a long way in helping you to form healthy eating habits,” Chef Kyle said.

Chef Kyle also recommends making small changes to alter your calorie intake – such as making sure the calories you’re eating are micro-nutrient dense and not just empty calories.

To help with your nutritional ‘spring cleaning’ and kickstart healthy eating habits, Chef Kyle shared three delicious springtime recipes.

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