Spotlighting the Because We Care Team

Easing the burden of loss is the main focus of the Because We Care Team. The team was created in 2010 when several customer service representatives completed grief training to provide personal services to caregivers or family members of Blue KC members who had passed away.

Because We Care representatives reach out to the caregiver or family member to express condolences for the loss of their loved one. Then, the representatives help file and process claims and resolve issues with healthcare providers and other insurance companies when needed. The team also tends to details like getting surviving family members transferred to a new health insurance plan and processing life insurance policies.

Amy Munger, a Because We Care member advocate, shares a story of helping a member after the unexpected loss of his spouse.

“He had a folder full of bills from different providers and Blue KC explanation of benefits documents.  He had no idea where to begin sorting and I sensed he was very overwhelmed. I was able to put his mind at ease by preparing a spreadsheet and matching claims that had processed to the corresponding bills and explanation of benefits. The member was very appreciative of the time and help he received. It was a great feeling to see some of his stress getting released when he knew we were here to help him through this process.”

“The most rewarding part of the Because We Care Team is the fact that we are able to somewhat ease the burden of the loss of a loved one by offering an encouraging word and letting them know we are here to help. One recent widow ended our conversation, saying, “It feels so good to laugh!” Finishing that call with a smile on her face was more than she counted on when she called and as important to her as understanding an Explanation of Benefits,” said Ramona Magers, a Because We Care member advocate.

Members are our priority at Blue KC and dedicated teams like the Because We Care team are just another example of our commitment to customer service.

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