March 2018 Blue KC Sporting Samaritan: Brooke Wiens

In a school where 18 countries are represented and 21 languages are spoken, Brooke Wiens is in a very important role. Thankfully, she loves it…and loves her students, their families and the community at Crestview Elementary School, in the North Kansas City School District.

Now in her fourth year at Crestview, Wiens serves the student body as an English Language Learner teacher. After growing up in Africa, receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the States, and spending time as an elementary school teacher in South Korea, Wiens is well-acquainted with the challenges of her students and passionate about helping them succeed.

“I love getting the opportunity to encourage, motivate and cheer kids on,” said Wiens, who has lived in Kansas City for the past 20 years. “Someone once told me, ‘Don’t be afraid to jump in and empathize with students in their greatest places of need. It might get messy and be emotional but it will always be worth it.’ Kids are worth it. It’s a rough world out there these days, and kids need to know that they have someone who will be in their corner.”

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  1. Dennis on March 8, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Proud of Brooke’s accomplishments!

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