June 2017 Blue KC Sporting Samaritan: Victoria Dunn

Hogan Preparatory Academy biology teacher and coach Victoria Dunn encourages her students and players in the classroom, on the court and in their everyday lives.

When she arrived at Hogan Prep, Dunn saw an opening for a basketball coach position and jumped at it.

As a new teacher, coaching allowed me to build stronger relationships with my students,” she said.

In the years Dunn has coached and taught at the school, the Hogan Prep basketball team has more than doubled its victories, from four wins in the 2015 season to 10 this season.

Dunn pushes her students to excel off the court and in the classroom too. Many students are projected to score advanced or proficient on their end-of-year exams and numerous students are interested in exploring careers in science.

Dunn encourages her students to be their best and exceed their expectations of themselves. “This builds trust between us as they embrace any struggles we face, knowing we will all come out stronger in the end,” she said.

Dunn is a mentor not just to her students, but also other teachers. Just ask fellow teacher and Teach for America colleague Erin Kautz, who nominated Dunn to be this month’s Blue KC Sporting Samaritan.

“Tori Dunn helps her students make their college dreams realities… students who will one day come back to serve the communities in which they grew up,” Kautz said. “She has also helped me come up with creative ways to help my students feel included.”

Dunn’s response to being recognized as a Blue KC Sporting Samaritan?

“I am very excited. I cannot thank my friend Erin enough for nominating me, especially when she is just as deserving (if not more) for the award!” she said.

Learn more about how you can nominate a Blue KC Sporting Samaritan. Remember you must be 21 or older to submit a nominee.

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