Bee-hind the Journey – Installing the Blue KC Beehive

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) has installed a beehive at our company headquarters in an effort to play a part in rebuilding the depleted bee population and boost the ecosystem in a green effort of help and support.


The brainchild of Chef Kyle Williams, head chef of our Live Blue Kitchen + Café which delivers delicious and sustainable food featuring ingredients from local farms for Blue KC’s 1,000 employees, the beehive will eventually provide honey for the café. Chef Kyle was first exposed to the idea of urban beekeeping when he was living and working at various restaurants in New York.

Insect pollination is integral to food security in the United States. Bees enable the production of at least 90 commercially grown crops in North America. Globally, 87 of the leading 115 food crops evaluated are dependent on animal pollinators, contributing 35 percent of global food production.

The Blue KC beehive holds approximately 10,000 honey bees and, once established, will produce about 50 pounds of excess honey per season, leaving about 50 pounds of honey for the bees to eat over the winter.

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