April 2018 Blue KC Sporting Samaritan: Lisa Painter

Every weekday morning, P.E. teacher and track coach Lisa Painter greets the elementary students of Kansas City Christian School as they get out of their parents’ cars. Carrying her signature smile, she makes sure that the students are welcomed to the building for the day and are received by a friendly face.

“If my children aren’t ready for the day at school, that all changes when they see Ms. Painter open the van door when we arrive,” said Kyle Anderson, a KCC parent and former student.

For the past 28 years, Painter has had the same mission: to impact the lives of students, not just on a skill level as their P.E. teacher or coach, but also at the heart level. The daughter of a track coach herself, Painter holds tightly to the words of her father who told her, “Your life can outlast you when you weave it into the lives of others.”

“The best part about teaching is being able to invest in my students,” said Painter, also a mother of four. “The standards I set for them are life lessons they can use in college and marriage and that they can eventually pass on to their children.”

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