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Let’s Have a Heart-to-Heart About Stress

What stresses you out? Your daily commute? Office politics? Your mother-in-law? The fact that you’ve got miles to go to retirement? If you’re constantly under stress, and you don’t have good coping strategies, you’re more likely to have high blood pressure, chest pain, or experience irregular heartbeats. Here’s why. Stress triggers your body’s “fight or…

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Importance of Hand-Washing

Hand-washing is a simple and effective way to help prevent diseases, such as colds, flu, and food poisoning. When to Wash Your Hands Wash hands: Often, especially during cold and flu (influenza) season, can reduce your risk of catching or spreading a cold or the flu. Before, during, and after preparing food reduces your risk…

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Staying Active in Cold Weather

If you’re feeling inspired by the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, there are plenty of ways to be active in fall and winter, even if the weather turns cold. You can stay in shape and have fun while you’re at it. Indoors Go for walks at the mall with a friend. Local schools and churches may…

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