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Meet Our March 2017 Blue KC Sporting Samaritan: Mindy Beashore

It’s not by accident that the Kansas City metro region contains some of the most renowned school districts in the country: it’s thanks to the work of our exceptional educators and motivated students. We believe these heroes deserve recognition for their hard work, and that’s what we do every month with the Blue KC Sporting…

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CPC+: Leading Patient Care Innovation, Starting in Kansas City

The healthcare landscape is shifting– beginning with how we approach care delivery. To create a patient-focused, comprehensive healthcare experience requires an industry environment that promotes collaboration and innovation. Blue KC is continually exploring innovative approaches to achieve high-quality, affordable healthcare for our members. We’ve also collaborated with other payers, providers and federal agencies to embrace…

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Tips for a Good Doctor-Patient Relationship

From water-cooler chats to first dinner dates, we tend to get from a conversation what we put in. A two-way communication, after all, takes two. When it comes to your relationship with your doctor, then, are you more than a good listener? Do you also ask questions and mention hings about your health that he or…

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